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Are all Copyright’s and patents under threat.? [Dec. 8th, 2009|06:10 pm]


Mandy wins 'gobbledegook' prize

Mandy has to talk in 'gobbledegook' as nothing he says or suggests makes sense.

Link to cover story: http://tinyurl.com/ycgkwd4

Remember his dreadful mistake by interfering with laws governing Copyright.

Yet far worse is to come, as Mandelson clearly has no idea as the seriousness of his actions meddling in law will have. If Mandy gets his bill into Law to enable Copyright material to be re-written. Once the Law is in force all Copyright Material will be deemed as ‘Legally Compromised’, hence made Null and Void and as Copyright is matched to the Patent the Patent is also ‘Legally Compromised’ made Null and Void.

I’m sure Bill Gates (for one) will be chuffed to bits when he finds this out. One of the biggest losers would be the Drug companies as all their products for sale or distributed in the UK during the time that law is in effect deems their rights Null and Void .

Why will Mandy’s law make all Copyright material ‘Legally Compromised’ made  Null and Void you ask?

That’s because the original Copyright can never be re-written. It is as if ‘Written in Stone’ to coin a phrase, If Mandelson Law comes into effect even for an hour or a day all Copyright material transmitted bought sold or used in the UK could legally be re-written hence made worthless.

Most all documents used in the transfer process of the Stock Markets are Copyright Protected so these to will be deemed as ‘Null and Void, legally worthless.  The far ranging effects of 'Mandy’s Meddling's' will cause havoc as Share Prices are lost and Patents and Copyright’s are lost. Even currency is Copyright Protected hence it also would become ‘Null and Void’ worthless, non-legal tender.

Hence Mandy’s so-called ‘Digital Rights Act/ Digital Economy Bill’ is legally seriously flawed.

Of course there is an upside to this and that is the Chinese would be Legally entitled to Copyright Windows 7 and re market it so long as in their copyright they stated, cannot be sold or used legally in the UK.

Remember the recent event when pub owner in UK (under Mandy's revised Law) was fined £8000 by the government when one of his customers was caught downloading copyrighted digital content from the pub’s Wi-Fi hotspot any person or persons could be in the pubs carpark and download without the hospot owner even being aware they were doing so.

Both technically and legally speaking this new Law as to downloading ‘Copyright Material is seriously flawed. As 99% of every WebPage you view be it Google News or other commercial webpage is Copyrighted, hence when you download that page under this flawed law you are committing a crime as it is downloaded into your web browser first to enable you to read it.

Digital Economy Bill sparks peers' protest

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

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