Was fatal Red Arrow crash a warning for Bournemouth?

Crash investigators have discovered remains at the crash site, which suggests a ‘catastrophic bird strike. This could have extinguished the flame in the Hawk T1 jet’s engine – known as a flame out – resulting in a total loss of power.

A massive Gravel Extraction and Landfill of the Stour Valley area near Bournemouth International Airport is in process of being granted the OK. This would encourage many tens of thousands of birds mainly large seagulls into the takeoff and landing area over Bournemouth hence the town and surrounding areas could face the strong possibility of another Lockerbie scale Plane Crash due to Bird Strike..

 Meanwhile Bournemouth Council is attempting a massive land grab of 90 per cent of the nearby Stour Valley Nature Reserve under the pretense of ‘Cattle Grazing’ for just 10 cows.  Which of course as we all know this is one way of taking land set side by legitimate means. For after fencing the area off to the public after 9 years the land then becomes the councils and not the public's all ready for sale to potential developers. Read insert in Stour Valley picture page for more details. Thus also reducing the soft landing areas for aircraft in distress to a built up area.

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk
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For every £1 to go out and £1 to get home most will spend at least £5 on drinks such as coffee tea and cakes etc. Most users of the passes will spend well in excess of this on shopping etc. Should the 'Free Bus Passes' be stopped the effects of lost revue streams to both the Government and the retail sector would be catastrophic especially in this financial crisis. Jobs would be lost, a vast number of shops would close and public services especially in rural areas would be severely effected as cuts were implemented, further isolating the rural communities...........

Bus pass

The affects of reducing 'Free Bus Passes' in any way on the elderly whose pensions have been severely crippled by Governments mishandling of 'Taxes on Pension Funds' by what many consider as Brown's Legitimized Robbery solely to falsify Browns achievements would be dire

The affects on the NHS would be catastrophic as many elderly people would have declining health problems by being 'House Bound' with lack of exercise. Hence cutting down on the use of these passes for the elderly in any way could result in higher costs to the Taxpayer

If we could run all Public Transport on this 90p a gallon Hydrogen-based fuel, which is also Carbon Free, the economy could gain another big boost.

Perhaps the Bankers after receiving so much bad publicity (such as excessively high Bonuses) when the pubic are struggling to survive after catastrophic loses in the Banking Sectors should consider investing into the > FREE BUS PASS < Systems as the Banking Sector does already in Guernsey. After all for a relatively small investment you would boost retail shopping for a start which feeds back to the Banks, just a thought. Especially as it was the public who have bailed the ‘Banks Out’, surely one good turn deserves another?

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

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Is UK’s £100 BILLION Networks Industry under threat?


Net Money
Governments persist in trying to throw a spanner into the Internet time and again. Firstly so-called ‘Mad Max Mandelson’ invents section 17 of the ‘Digital Rights Act’ which would have caused every Patent and copyright in the UK to be made ‘Null and Void read full report here:

Now UK Government are attempting yet again to disrupt and possibly collapse what Google has claimed to be £100 BILLION a year to
UK's economy by applying a whole new wave of restrictions on all web Based advertising by apply new laws via the so-called A.S.A.

Whilst I am all for protecting those using the internet government has proved time and again it lacks the technical knowledge to handle these matters without causing disruption and chaos just wait until the 1st of March 2011 to come then all Hell may breakout mark my words as we all know what these Jobsworth’s are like once they focus on your website beware; as all UK web based advertising could become severely disrupted.

Governments should sign agreements between Counties as to Network Advertising Control.  Because if you get ripped off from a Web based advert in the USA the Trading Standards Authority say it’s out of our legal Jurisdiction so why just attempt to penalise and possibly criminalize those in the UK?

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk
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Can any MP really complain about Phone Hacking?

I can't see how Prescott has any case for complaining about alleged Hacking of his phone, for after all said and done, it was his Government that gave the orders to all Town Councils to ‘Record Joe Publics Telephone Calls' and e-mails a directive from disgraced MP David Blunkett.   See EU Phone Snoop PlotSUN Media

Met Chief accuses Prescott of Ranting

So if it is true the Murdoch etc, has been behind  alleged Phone Hacking of MP’s good on you Mr Murdoch for giving alleged unscrupulous MP’s a taste of their own medicine. Just what are they trying to hide from us when you consider that UK Gov are so  Hypocritical?

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk
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Possible Huge Boost to all Online Sales plus added security

PayPoint Logo
UK Online Retail already exceeds $7.8 Billion In July 2010 hence the PayPoint System could help further their profit margins very considerably plus increase Online sales overall simply by agreeing to process online orders from their vast number of shops. Meaning you could (if required) pay in cash whilst the online order is processed by a PayPoint retailer. You could just print out a Bar-coded order form, give your order to any PayPoint Shop and have no fear of loosing your money as with the current risky online Payment Systems.  9.2 million Brits have never been online is the lack of online security a key problem which this proposal of mine could help resolve?.
Other large retailers could also offer this facility such as Walmart, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Morrison’s etc, which would further attract clients into their customer bases.

I suggested this to various Banks yet they failed to respond I wonder why?

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

Good news Web Shop Payments now available from Paypoint PayCashNet


We don’t need heavy-handed Network Policing


Facebook a 'real concern' says online child protection head

Using any type of communications system be it a Mobile Phone, Land Line, or Networking system can be subject to harassment.

As to Facebook the company do a lot to protest the users, and request to become a friend has to be approved by the relevant person receiving the request.

Whereas twitter allows anyone to link to your profile as a follower, since opening an account with twitter I have had a lot of prostitutes trying to sell themselves by linking, all have been blocked.

After joining twitter I did something simple to highlight an abusive user by taking screen-shots of the abuse and launching via twitter and Facebook a link to the first ‘Twitter Twat Award’ in pdf format here’s the link  see the abuse and the user got the message.

We don’t need heavy-handed Network policing all we need is common sense to be used.

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

If you want Buses live on a Council Estate


About time the Government did something about this outrageous abuse which has been going on for many years. In Tory Town Christchurch you can witness yellow buses coming one behind the other all day long.

Yet in the same area code BH23 the Wilts & Dorset Bus service give you a bus when they feel like it more or less. The area of Highcliffe has possibly the largest cluster of OAPs in the whole country. In Highcliffe many large buildings are replaced by fifty OAPs flats hence fifty times the revenue in Council Tax. Yet this Town had five people break their limbs  yesterday morning before midday because the skinflint Tories hadn’t gritted any pavements. And in a village called Walkford about a mile from the town the Wilts & Dorset Buses have hardly provided any buses at all since the heavy snows began most people are walking on ice risking their lives

Now if you live on the Council Estate at Somerford you get the lot, more dam buses than you can throw a stick at. Plus if you live in Poole Lane Council Estate you have won the flaming lotto with Bus Services. One Bus every seven minuets and another Bus service every 12 minuets at the junction of Moors Avenue and Poole Lane.

It's always the same wherever you go in Britain Council Estates get priority over the Private Sector. So those who pay rates don't scrounge off the state get Dam all.

The message is clear then, you want Buses live on a Council Estate is that the message from Nu Labour?

All the hundreds of thousands of Elderly retired people who have worked hard saved hard and invested in property in East of Somerford Council Estate can all go to hell as far as Wilts & Dorset are concerned. What’s the good a Bus pass with no Bus service?

Is this some kind of Cruel NU Labour Joke?

Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

UK Govt contradict them-selves on Airport Scanner Safety.

First report says: Photos taken by full-body X-ray machine at Manchester Airport.

Next report states: They are safer to use than X-ray scanners because they do not emit radiation

Scanner, being trailed at Manchester Airport, will also show up any breast enlargements, false limbs, piercings, and a clear outline of passengers' private parts

This Government is behaving like a deranged load of lunatics, do they all need certifying?

Air passenger's face full body X-rays you say? That's total madness, doesn't anyone realize the threat of full body X-rays can be a trigger for terminal cancer?

India removes body scanner from airport over privacy issues, there are also. health fears. There is an accumulative effect in repeat exposure to-rays.
Knowing this Governments track record on telling the truth, who do you trust, with you life?

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

Read other reports here.

Craig Lynch escaped fugitive gains 'Bonnie & Clyde' media status.

Craig Lynch escaped fugitive
Not that we can seriously condone ‘Craig Lynch’ and his antics on Facebook. But let us examine what he is actually doing.

Firstly he escaped from an open prison close to his release date. Valid reasons you will see just keep reading.

Next he sets up a base in the very popular Social Networking Site Facebook. Valid reasons you will see just keep reading.

By setting up an account on ‘Facebook’, he now starts to broadcast to the World what he is doing and taking the Mickey out of the so-called Policing system.

Now he’s getting increased attention via regular updates from an unregistered mobile phone. The Media see the attention this is getting and broaden his ‘Street Cred’. Also bearing in mind this is Christmas time and more people will be using the web then at any other time, hence a larger audience. By being provocative he gains added attention from those who see him as Scum taking the Mickey. That’s just what the media like as it gains more attention. In just a few days hundreds of Media units around the World publish his actions. He has come across to the public just like Bonnie & Clyde. Now there’s even a Song made in dedication of his antics.

Now contracts for his story are the next move (perhaps) with the money he can get a top Lawyer and explain that he was doing this to get money for the story after all his defense council will say he only had a short time to go before his release date. He’s out free loads of cash and possibly a Film contract to go with the story. Not so stupid as you might think.

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

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Are all Copyright’s and patents under threat.?


Mandy wins 'gobbledegook' prize

Mandy has to talk in 'gobbledegook' as nothing he says or suggests makes sense.

Link to cover story: http://tinyurl.com/ycgkwd4

Remember his dreadful mistake by interfering with laws governing Copyright.

Yet far worse is to come, as Mandelson clearly has no idea as the seriousness of his actions meddling in law will have. If Mandy gets his bill into Law to enable Copyright material to be re-written. Once the Law is in force all Copyright Material will be deemed as ‘Legally Compromised’, hence made Null and Void and as Copyright is matched to the Patent the Patent is also ‘Legally Compromised’ made Null and Void.

I’m sure Bill Gates (for one) will be chuffed to bits when he finds this out. One of the biggest losers would be the Drug companies as all their products for sale or distributed in the UK during the time that law is in effect deems their rights Null and Void .

Why will Mandy’s law make all Copyright material ‘Legally Compromised’ made  Null and Void you ask?

That’s because the original Copyright can never be re-written. It is as if ‘Written in Stone’ to coin a phrase, If Mandelson Law comes into effect even for an hour or a day all Copyright material transmitted bought sold or used in the UK could legally be re-written hence made worthless.

Most all documents used in the transfer process of the Stock Markets are Copyright Protected so these to will be deemed as ‘Null and Void, legally worthless.  The far ranging effects of 'Mandy’s Meddling's' will cause havoc as Share Prices are lost and Patents and Copyright’s are lost. Even currency is Copyright Protected hence it also would become ‘Null and Void’ worthless, non-legal tender.

Hence Mandy’s so-called ‘Digital Rights Act/ Digital Economy Bill’ is legally seriously flawed.

Of course there is an upside to this and that is the Chinese would be Legally entitled to Copyright Windows 7 and re market it so long as in their copyright they stated, cannot be sold or used legally in the UK.

Remember the recent event when pub owner in UK (under Mandy's revised Law) was fined £8000 by the government when one of his customers was caught downloading copyrighted digital content from the pub’s Wi-Fi hotspot any person or persons could be in the pubs carpark and download without the hospot owner even being aware they were doing so.

Both technically and legally speaking this new Law as to downloading ‘Copyright Material is seriously flawed. As 99% of every WebPage you view be it Google News or other commercial webpage is Copyrighted, hence when you download that page under this flawed law you are committing a crime as it is downloaded into your web browser first to enable you to read it.

Digital Economy Bill sparks peers' protest

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk