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If you want Buses live on a Council Estate - carl_agpcuk [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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If you want Buses live on a Council Estate [Jan. 8th, 2010|09:00 pm]

About time the Government did something about this outrageous abuse which has been going on for many years. In Tory Town Christchurch you can witness yellow buses coming one behind the other all day long.

Yet in the same area code BH23 the Wilts & Dorset Bus service give you a bus when they feel like it more or less. The area of Highcliffe has possibly the largest cluster of OAPs in the whole country. In Highcliffe many large buildings are replaced by fifty OAPs flats hence fifty times the revenue in Council Tax. Yet this Town had five people break their limbs  yesterday morning before midday because the skinflint Tories hadn’t gritted any pavements. And in a village called Walkford about a mile from the town the Wilts & Dorset Buses have hardly provided any buses at all since the heavy snows began most people are walking on ice risking their lives

Now if you live on the Council Estate at Somerford you get the lot, more dam buses than you can throw a stick at. Plus if you live in Poole Lane Council Estate you have won the flaming lotto with Bus Services. One Bus every seven minuets and another Bus service every 12 minuets at the junction of Moors Avenue and Poole Lane.

It's always the same wherever you go in Britain Council Estates get priority over the Private Sector. So those who pay rates don't scrounge off the state get Dam all.

The message is clear then, you want Buses live on a Council Estate is that the message from Nu Labour?

All the hundreds of thousands of Elderly retired people who have worked hard saved hard and invested in property in East of Somerford Council Estate can all go to hell as far as Wilts & Dorset are concerned. What’s the good a Bus pass with no Bus service?

Is this some kind of Cruel NU Labour Joke?

Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk