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We don’t need heavy-handed Network Policing - carl_agpcuk [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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We don’t need heavy-handed Network Policing [Apr. 9th, 2010|03:38 pm]

Facebook a 'real concern' says online child protection head

Using any type of communications system be it a Mobile Phone, Land Line, or Networking system can be subject to harassment.

As to Facebook the company do a lot to protest the users, and request to become a friend has to be approved by the relevant person receiving the request.

Whereas twitter allows anyone to link to your profile as a follower, since opening an account with twitter I have had a lot of prostitutes trying to sell themselves by linking, all have been blocked.

After joining twitter I did something simple to highlight an abusive user by taking screen-shots of the abuse and launching via twitter and Facebook a link to the first ‘Twitter Twat Award’ in pdf format here’s the link  see the abuse and the user got the message.

We don’t need heavy-handed Network policing all we need is common sense to be used.

Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk