carl_agpcuk (carl_agpcuk) wrote,

Are any MPs trustworthy?

Let us first put this into perspective shall we?

Tory Lord Naseby is a representative of ‘Thatcher The Destroyer Tory Party’ and he has the Gaul to suggest we dissolve Parliament amid these disclosures over MPs expense accounts.  Do we for one moment believe that the Tory Party are ‘Lilly White’ and totally without any excessive expenses, as myself and many others do not.

Gordon Brown is not my favourite guy, so to speak, yet many in the public sector have come to admire this little chap (Gordon Brown) who soldiers on after being Knifed in the back by back bencher’s and most of all knifed in the sides by front bench ministers who have blatantly exceeded their allowances.

We must expect the knives to come out from the opposition parties yet so much harm is being done by trusted members of Browns Cabinet, so go for a re-shuffle Gordon and come back fighting even stronger.

The Tories only have one tact and that’s Cuts,Cuts and more Cuts.

Signed Carl Barron  Chairman of agpcuk

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